Reasons to Buy Organic Bread

While keeping in mind barriers to market.

Conventional versus organic bread
February 15, 2021

What is hiding in your breads? 


Organic breads like our Organic Line will never use preservatives like azodicarbonamide, dyes, calcium propionate, processed/bleached flours, or other artificial ingredients.  

Since we do not use preservatives our organic and all-natural breads will have a significantly shorter shelf life than conventional breads. Bread made without chemical additives and preservatives may start to develop mold in as little as three days.

Tip: After a few days, move our pre-sliced bread into the freezer.

Our Organic Offerings

Hidden Costs & the Problem of Accessibility

Getting a product certified organic can be a costly process. The initial step can cost upwards of $1,200. While adding secondary products can be cheaper, the initial costs can be too hefty for small manufacturers. This means there are many products on the shelves that use organic ingredients, but lack the organic certification.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

These [organic vegan brioche] buns are slightly sweet and a perfect pairing to my favorite plant based burgers.

Did You Know…

The refining process of ingredients in conventional breads lead to the nearly 75% of nutrient loss?

Organic Bread Line

What About Sprouted Breads

In addition to our 14 Grain Bread only using the freshest ingredients; the line is also sprouted!

  • Made From Whole Grains, Which Improves Its Nutritional Value
  • May Aid Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control Due to Its Lower Carb Content
  • Higher in Important Nutrients and Lower in Anti-nutrients
  • May Be Easier to Digest Due to Higher Enzyme and Lower Lectin Levels. 
  • Lower in Gluten Which May Improve Tolerability.
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