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Ordering & Shipping Policy:

DeLand Bakery ships products 3 times a week: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Because we ship directly from Florida, products being shipped outside of Florida are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays Only (refer to the Fedex map below for shipment times).

To guarantee your order will be shipped on the next shipment day, please place your order before 2pm ET. If your order is placed after the deadline, it may not go out until a later date.

NOTE: Any orders going to  the West Coast (Idaho, Utah Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, or California) must go as FEDEX 3-DAY EXPRESS SAVER and be placed on Monday by noon 12pm. Please choose the 3-Day Express Saver option during checkout. Any orders placed as FEDEX or UPS GROUND to any of these states are not guaranteed to arrive fresh.


  • If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday, it will be shipped on Monday.
  • If you place an order on Monday at 11am, it will be shipped on Tuesday.
  • If you place an order on Monday at 4pm, it will be shipped on Thursday or the following Monday (depending if you ship in or out of Florida).


Get FedEx Rates and Transit Times

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Get UPS Rates and Transit Times

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If you are placing a wholesale order, here are a couple of things to consider before completing your purchase:

  • The dimensions of our boxes are tailored to the size of a standard loaf of bread. So for those who order our 32-bread box, only 32 loaves of bread fit. The bread is packed in two layers of 16 breads, with each layer divided into 4 equal parts (4 sections x 4 loaves of bread = 16; 16 x 2 layers = 32 breads)
  • Shipping providers charge per dimensional weight. We have boxes of 6, 12, 16, 32. For the most part, we are seeing that our six item box and our twelve item box is almost identical in price. Buying 16 only decreases the shipping cost per unit further.

Refund Policy:

Any purchases of perishable items (which include all baked goods with a short expiration date) are final. Please do not send back any bread orders, because our fresh products have a short shelf life. Instead, please donate the them to your nearest shelter or food bank/food pantry.

The only circumstance in which we provide a refund is when there is a damage to the product during shipping, or the product is in a sealed container. We will only refund product within 30 days of receipt. Please submit your complaints within these initial 30 days.

To receive a partial or full refund on your order, we need to have evidence of missing or damaged shipment. Please contact us using the Shipment Claim Form. You will need the following information:

  • Shipment tracking number
  • Pictures of the damaged products (crushed, opened packaging, spills, etc.)
  • Pictures of the damaged box (crushed, opened, etc.)
  • Account number/Name on the account

If you receive your shipment late, please provide us with:

  • The shipment tracking number
  • Pictures of damaged products (mold)
  • Account number/Name on the account

We will submit a Fedex or UPS claim for you, and if the claim is successful, we will notify you, and you will receive the refund (a credit to your account for future purchases is also available). You are permitted a maximum of 2 undocumented refunds within a calendar month. For more information about the Fedex and UPS claims process, please click here for Fedex Claims and click here for UPS Claims.

Privacy Policy:

DeLand Bakery Inc. is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of consumers and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities. In acknowledgement of its obligations, DeLand Bakery Inc. has adopted the following Privacy Policy applicable to information about consumers that it acquires in the course of its business:

  • Security Measures. We make access to privacy-sensitive information subject to rigorous procedural and technological controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of customer service.
  • Acquisition of Information. We do not acquire any more information about consumers than is required by law or is otherwise necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and securely.
  • Our Employees and Privacy. We train all of our employees about the importance of privacy. We give access to information about consumers only to those employees who require it to perform their jobs.
  • Disclosure to Third Parties. We will provide individually-identifiable information about consumers to third parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of a duly-empowered governmental authority, we have the express permission of the consumer, or it is necessary to process transactions and provide our services.
  • Privacy and Our Business Partners. When we make our technology or services available to business partners, we will not share with them any more consumer information than is necessary, and we will make every reasonable effort to assure, by contract or otherwise, that they use our technology and services in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy
  • View our full Privacy Policy Here.


If you have questions about this privacy policy, please send an e-mail to contact@delandbakery.com